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In everything we do repetitively or regularly we adopt a routine and habits are created, the process begins with conscious decision making and trial and error to determine the most efficient and simplest way to organize the tasks presented. Over time these conscious decisions become stream-lined and automated, most people when they approach a job want to make the tasks be easier and go faster, they may also look to be comfortable rather than careful, it is most important to consider quality, safety and security as the cornerstone to working safely on the job and in managing everyday activities in life.

If society or your workplace has rules for how to work safely there are usually good reasons to back those rules up statistically.

Research has shown that it typically takes the average human 21 days to develop a habit, some of us have good work habits and others may need a little work…

Ask yourself:

Do you wear your seatbelt every time you enter a vehicle?

Do you check your blind spot everytime you switch lanes?

Do you use the hand rail when climbing up and down stairs?

Do you wear the proper hearing protection, fall protection equipment, safety glasses, hard hat, safety boots, work gloves, etc. when you are required to by your company or safety manager?

Are you aware of fork lift operators on the job and more importantly are they aware of you?

Do you stop and look in all directions before walking into an aisle or crossing the street?

Having good habits and being a safety consciousness employee and individual means that you do these things listed and more every time the opportunity arises.


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